Spiegelrefleksies #5: 'Archief Spaarnestad Photo', Rob Moorees

Spiegelrefleksies #5: 'Archief Spaarnestad Photo', Rob Moorees

12.50 EUR
Published: 3d of November 2013. Spiegelrefleksies #5: Rob Moorees & Steven van Eck

Spiegelrefleksies is a series of exhibitions + publications which investigates the vision and work of several Dutch and Belgian photographers. All of them share an extreme fascination for photography. For each edition, two photographers whose work is somehow related (by common or opposite interests) were invited to create an exhibition in Extrapool and produce a publication in Extrapool's print workspace Knust.

The results are 13 beautiful publications. Each one containing 10 high quality riso prints in a sewn slipcover.

size: 30,8 cm x 20 cm

Participating artists:

#1  Arjan de Nooy & Julia van den Broek
#2  Niki Palmen & Ksenia Galiaeva
#3  Merel Bem & Jaap Scheeren
#4  Babs Decruyenaere & Taco Hidde Bakker
#5  Rob Moorees & Steven van Eck
#6  Ruth van Beek met lezing van Niels Coppes
#7  Jochem van van Laarhoven & Delphine Bedel