Slimtarra catalogue

Slimtarra catalogue

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Every little while Extrapool invites artists to design a Slimtarra wallpaper.
The wallpaper design is printed by Knust, Extrapool's renowned stencil print workshop, and is then exhibited on one of the walls in the Extrapool building.

After digging deep into our archive, this catalogue tries to assemble most of the past Slimtarra designs;
Slimtarra has been running since about the year 2000 and the number of different Slimtarra designs seems to be endless. 

In Extrapool, Slimtarra's are pretty much all over the place: they cover the walls in our venue hall, the walls in the stair cases and office, in our print work shop, and in our shop. With the changing wallpapers the appearance of Extrapool's venue house changes too, creating a dynamic environment for presentations and performances. 

In contrast with usual wallpaper, which mostly comes on long widths of paper, Slimtarra wallpaper consists of many individual sheets of paper: the stencil printer restricts the paper size to an A3 sheet, so each Slimtarra design must fit onto a 420 x 297 mm page. 
This, of course, influences the pattern and appearance of the final design allowing intricate misshapes and misalignments, giving the Slimtarra wallpaper it's slightly irregular, charismatic aura and adding the charm of slight failure to each Slimtarra. It also offers the possibility to play with turning the sheet, and by doing so, varying and changing the final pattern of the design.

Below you can view the catalogue. We will upload the designs separately in the coming months. If you're interested in ordering a design you can reach out to us via 

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